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Brooklyn-based Kentucky native Honeychild Coleman is a prolific musician and DJ who has worked with such luminaries as The Slits, Greg Tate's Burnt Sugar Arkestra , Mad Professor, Apollo Heights , Death Comet Crew (with Rammellzee), Gregor Asche AKA DJ Olive and Raz Mesinai's Badawi.

DEM (acronym for her late mother's name) is Coleman's electronic project: beats, electrified Bluegrass and folk instruments and her signature meliferous Lover's Rock vocals. Signed to Manchester UK’s Invisiblegirl Records (by Julia Adamson of The Fall) and subject of documentaries "Afropunk" (USA), "Firelies" & "Getting My Name Up There" (AUSTRIA), Coleman's music has been featured Sundance award winning film "Pariah" (USA) and award winning indie film "P.R." (Greece/UK). Festivals include Wooshi Wooshi and Cable Records (Barcelona), The Northside Festival (Brooklyn), Black Magick Festival (Louisville) and head-ling Ladyfest Manchester, UK (2016). 

Bereket Window - Invisiblegirl Records (UK)
Halo Inside (Come la Luna) - Matteite Records (Italy)
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Vice Broadly: When Riot Girls Meet Goddess Warriors

"She has a voice that carries echoes of every respectable eccentric female singer going -Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kate Bush, Lou Rhodes, Chrissie Hynde, and Bjork.The juxtaposition of her soulful voice makes her stand out as an artist."
Will Georgi - OkayPlayer.com

"Honeychild Coleman - Halo Inside "
She's already the hardest working woman in show business, but then she turned around and made this pop-rock gem. "
Earl Douglas, Contributor & Executive Director of The Black Rock Coalition - Boldaslove.us

"From middle-of-the-road alternative “Friend", hip-hop influenced “Headlock” and Massive Attack-y ambience “Callus,” the album’s cohesion is the gumbo of her adopted Brooklyn. Fans of Georgia Anne Muldrow, Res, Bjork..would be well served"
Damien McPherson - LEO Weekly

"Forensic dissections of the human heart so raw and acute she immediately sets herself apart from the shoegazer-singer-songwriter pretenders.Embodying the dark confessional spirit of The Cure, twisted beauty of Kate Bush, emotional honesty of Roberta Flack,and snake-like sexual funk of Sade.(A+)"
The Accidental Genius - THE ACCIDENTAL GENIUS Blog

"Honeychild Coleman-guitarist and vocalist evokes for me an early Liz Phair.Though her lyrics on "Halo Inside (Come la Luna 2008) are far from Phair's risque "Exile in Guyville," Coleman's flat vocals with carefully pitched highs are at once
charming, catchy, and smart."
Jen Williams, Top Ten of Sistas Who Rocked The Decade (In No Particular Order) - BoldAsLove.us

“What makes this an indispensable, essential purchase is the enigmatic vocals on four of the tracks by the under-recorded, underrated Honeychild. Honeychild unquestionably deserves her own album..there is a psychedelic loneliness and
melancholy in the vocals. This is eerie dubwise at its best.”
Professor Barnabus - Reggae Vibes

"Thrash diva Honeychild brings to mind Miriam Makeba meeting Bjork in the Sex Pistol's basement."
Greg Tate - VIBE

"Evoking images of Kate Bush and Sarah Vaughn battling it out in a mosh pit."
Teresa Wiltz - Washington Post



  DEM (AKA Honeychild Coleman)



  UPA (Underground Producers Alliance)
 Kentuckian Honeychild Coleman has toured as guitarist for The Slits recorded/performed vocals with Mad Professor, Death Comet Crew (w/Rammellzee)DJ Olive and Badawi, and is featured in documentaries “Afropunk” (USA), “Firelies” & “Getting My Name Up There” (AUSTRIA). Sundance awarded “Pariah”‘s soundtrack includes two Coleman compositions. 


Albertz Benda Gallery
New York City
October 4, 2015

DJ Olive feat. Honeychiild Coleman
Album: THWIS
TheAgriculture Records USA 2012
Director: Denise Goins / Bang Bang Flip Streetwear (USA) 2013

Album: Bereket Window
Invisiblegirl Records (UK) 2011
Director: Thomas Appel (Denmark) 2012

YOUR IDEA OF TIME (with Mad Professor)
Album: Halo Inside (Come la Luna)
Label: Matteite/lnfecta Suoni Affini (Venus) 2009
Director: Delano Franklin (USA) 

COMIN' THRO' THE RYE (Folk Standard)
Album: Bereket Window
Invisiblegirl Records (UK) 2011
Director: Josh Smith (USA) 

Album: Halo Inside (Come la Luna)
Label: Matteite?Infecta Suoni Affini (Venus) 2009 ITALY
Director : Eva Stirner ITALY

Honeychild Coleman
Album: Bereket Window
Invisiblegirl Records (UK) 2011
Director: Tatjana Berlakovich (Austria) 

Honeychild Coleman
Album: HALO INSIDE (Come la Luna)
Matteite Records (Venus) 2009 ITALY
Director: Vincent "Sax" Bouyssou (France) 

Gracefully feat. Honeychild Coleman
Album: Halo Inside (Come la Luna)
Matteite Records (Venus) 2009 ITALY
Director: Delano Franklin (USA) 


HANIX # 7- April 2012 / From New York to Heilbronx - New York City April 2012

Black in 3D with Wayne Boucaud (London) - October 2012

Honeychild Coleman on PhonanzaFM (Hamburg) - October 2012

"The Anything Goes Breakfast Show" MANCHESTER (UK) July 2011

The NEIGHBORHOOD LES, New York June 2011